Who Is Gayle?


Hi! I’m a mom and a small business owner who is a little tired of being discounted by politicians, the government and large companies. The only time many of us seem to matter to these entities is when we are spending our votes or our money.

I don’t buy it.

My raison d’être is not to fuel them. Rather the government is employed by me, my friends, my family and my community. It should be responsive to its citizens. And large companies need to respond efficiently and politely to the needs of consumers on the road to making responsible profits. I don’t think a 4000% drug price hike falls into that category for example. It is a point of pride that I would never price-gouge my clients.  Yes, I believe in capitalism; socially responsible capitalism. Making a profit is important but not at the cost of causing detriment to the environment, sick people or society at large.

I also cherish and value our freedoms. I feel committed to using them, i.e. like I’m doing right here, or losing them. Some of those freedoms may be endangered in the near future and some are already compromised. We all have a responsibility to safeguard them. When something is wrong, our silence speaks volumes.

For those who read my blog, thank you. We won’t agree on everything but we can be respectful. We can take advantage of this platform to look at different points of view, that aren’t filtered through mass media and scripted journalism.

I hope you like “The Gayle Scale.” Again , thank you for your interest.