Because someone has to stick up for consumers

I despise injustice. And I hate dealing with people who think I’m just a number and don’t care about customer service. I don’t like institutions that think that being a corporation gives them the right to hide behind that shield.  I have a voice and I have the internet. I have THE GAYLE SCALE and I’m going to use it. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest of whatever it is I am scoring that day, and 10 being the highest, I will share my experiences of things that happen in my simple, mundane daily interaction with people and corporations out there in the world. Alone, I am just the little gal, but if enough people are annoyed with corporate bad behavior, maybe we can change it. I am not anti-capitalism and I am not anti-corporation. I am anti lack of “personal responsibility” and plain old good manners. And admittedly sometimes I get really annoyed too, but I have found that it only happens when someone out there in corporate land gives me a standard, follow-the lemming kind of answer for a simple request. Look, I would rather be hanging out with my family then talking to a clerk about an incorrect charge or an address that needs to fixed after the seventh request. So, to the clerk out there, could you take a look and maybe change the ‘tude?

As I  have an interest in the political process, I decided that these issues also come under this banner. Voting is participating as a consumer of sorts, so political opinions and commentaries are on the ticket too. Your comments are welcome. Let’s just keep it respectful. Thanks!

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